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Tashkent city

This offer establishes the procedure and regulates the relations for the provision of translation services to stakeholders by ZANT LINGVO CENTRE LLC.

  1. Terms and Definitions 

Order is the document containing the terms of services agreed upon by the Client and the Contractor. The parties have agreed that the Order can be issued by them in the form of invoice for the payment of services.

The Client is an individual or legal person.

Contractor is «ZANT LINGVO CENTRE» the Limited Liability Company registered at the address: 44, Zanzhirbog street,  Yakkasaray district, Tashkent, personal tax reference number is 305527597.

Offer (Agreement) – this Offer is placed on the website (hereinafter referred to as the Site), and regulates the provision of translation services to the Client by the Contractor.

Online payment / payment transactions is the payment made by the Client through electronic online payment systems, specified and available for payment on the website of the Contractor.

Personal plastic card is an UZCARD (ONLINE) debit card and / or VISA, owned by an individual, used to pay for the order through Payme, Click payment systems.

Parties is the concept that stands for the Client and the Contractor at the same time / jointly.


  1. General provisions




  1. Subject of the offer and its acceptance order


  1. Ordering and the procedures for rendering services

4.1. The order for the provision of services is executed by the Client on the Website by creating an electronic application, or to the email address specified in this paragraph. When placing an Order, the Client sends the file / files to the Contractor in PDF, WORD-formats to the email address of the Contractor:   Calculation of the cost and timing of the translation is done by Contractor’s specialists for files in PDF, WORD-formats. The calculated translation cost can be changed by Contractor’s specialists if during the ordering process by the Client one or several files were sent in whole or in part in a format different from those specified in this paragraph and for which calculation is impossible (for example, if there is an image with text requiring translation) either in the wrong language direction or insufficient resolution of the scanned document or image.

4.2. The Client is informed by e-mail about the cost of the Order and methods of payment.

4.3. The order for translation comes in processing after it is paid by the Client. Refusal of the Client from the Order after it was paid is not compensated by the Contractor. Refund of money paid for the provision of services, is not made in this case, except the cases expressly provided for in the offer.

4.4. The Contractor has the right to refuse for translation of:

The Contractor reserves the right to independently determine the nature and content of the texts containing the above prohibited types of texts for translation. Upon detection of prohibited types of content in the text, the Client will be notified about it.

4.5. The text sent for translation by the Client should be understandable for the perception of the Contractor. If the Contractor determines that texts sent by the Client are not understandable for perception and / or contain obscene language, slang, the Client will be offered to change the text, to exclude obscene language, slang from it. In case of refusal of the Client, the Contractor has the right to refuse to provide the service, and the advance payment made by the Client for translation is subject to refund in full.

4.6. Translation is performed by the Contractor in a period of 3 to 10 working days from the date of placing the Order and confirming it by the Contractor. Order deadline depends on the volume of text and type of translation. The approximate deadline for the execution of the Order the Contractor reports to the Client after receiving text in full, the translation of which is required.

4.7. The result of the translation is sent to the Client’s e-mail address indicated by him in Word format document. At the same time with the result of the translation, an invoice certified by electronic digital signature (EDS) of the responsible person of the Contractor is sent to the Client. The Client, if there are no complaints about the quality of the translation, must accept the result of the translation within 3 working days from the date of receipt of the result of the translation and invoice, sign the invoice and send one copy of the invoice to the Contractor. In case of not sending the invoice within the period specified above, the translation services are considered to be rendered in full.

4.8. The provision of translation services can be performed by one of the following types of translation:

When placing an Order, the Client must indicate which of the above types of translation should be made.

4.9. The quality of the translation should correspond to the type of translation. The translation must be usable in accordance with the stated purpose of a particular type of translation., The meaning of the entire text and its individual fragments should be clear in the translated text.

4.10. If the Client has comments on the quality and timing of the services provided, he undertakes to notify the Contractor by e-mail specified in Section 12 of this Offer. Upon receipt of this notice, the Client and the Contractor conduct negotiations. In case of justification of the Clients’s comments, the Contractor undertakes to eliminate the identified shortcomings within the period agreed with the Client without additional payment. If, as a result of the negotiations, the Clients’s comments were not eliminated, the Client is obliged to send to the Contractor a written reasoned refusal to accept the services provided, indicating specific shortcomings. If the Client fails to send a written reasoned refusal to accept the services provided within 7 (Seven) working days from the moment the Contractor transferred their result to the Client, these services are considered to be provided properly and accepted by the Client.



  1. Cost of services and payment procedure


  1. Liabilities of the Parties.

6.1. The Client shall undertake to:

6.2. Client has the right to:

6.3. The Contractor shall undertake to:

6.4. Contractor has the right to:

6.4.2. Unilaterally refuse to perform under this Offer if the Client violates the terms of this Offer (art. 4.4. Andand 4.5. of this Offer).


  1. Guarantees and liability of the parties
    • For non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under this Offer, the Parties shall be liable in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
    • If the translation text prepared by the Contractor contains errors, deviations, inaccuracies, then the Client, at his request, returns the partial cost of the Order (penalty). The amount of the penalty is determined by the Parties in each particular case. In this case, the maximum amount of the penalty shall not exceed 10% of the amount / value of the Order.
    • The penalty shall be returned to the Client within 15 banking days from the date of receipt of the Client’s claim. The Client indicates the bank details in his claim for which the refund should be made.
    • The Contractor is not responsible for failures in the operation of the Site, which arose through no fault of the Contractor.
    • The Client guarantees that he has all the necessary rights to transfer (download) any data (information) and in carrying out such actions does not violate the applicable laws and the rights of third parties. The Client has sole responsibility for such actions and losses that may be caused to the Contractor or to third parties as a result of such actions.
    • The Contractor is not responsible for the availability and quality of the Client’s access to the Internet, the availability and quality of the relevant equipment and the necessary software for accessing the Internet. The Contractor is not responsible for any failures or other problems of any telephone networks or services, computer systems, servers or providers, computer or telephone equipment, software, malfunction of e-mail or scripts (programs) for any reason.
    • The Contractor is not responsible for any delays, failures, incorrect or delayed delivery, deletion or non-preservation of any data of the Client due to failures in the connection of the Client to the Internet, as well as due to problems on the Contractor’s servers that occured through no fault of the Contractor (or caused by superior power circumstances).
    • Under no circumstances the Contractor is not responsible for losses incurred by the Client as a result of using or inability to use the Site, as well as a result of errors and interruptions in work, deletion of files, changes in functions, defects, delays in data transmission, etc. The Contractor is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use or inability to use the Site. The Contractor is also not responsible for the consequences caused by the further use of texts translated by the Contractor. The Client agrees that during the execution of the Order there may be a violation of the terms caused by force majeure circumstances, as well as by accidents or malfunctions of the hardware and software complex of third parties cooperating with the Contractor. The Contractor in every possible way seeks to provide services within the deadlines stated when the Client places an order for a language translation, but does not guarantee their observance.
    • The data transmitted by the Client within the Order framework are recognized as confidential and may be transferred by the Contractor to third parties solely for the purpose of rendering services, subject to a confidentiality agreement of the transmitted information with third parties, or in cases established by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Client hereby proides the Contractor with the consent to transfer of confidential information to third parties engaged by the Contractor to provide services.
    • All results of intellectual activity, in particular, computer programs and databases (including electronic dictionary databases and articles, databases of sentences and texts) obtained as a result of the Site’s work, are the intellectual property of the Contractor, the Contractor has the exclusive right to these facilities.
    • All rights to translations of texts performed by Contractor (through the involvement of translators and other specialists) belong to the Client since the translated text has been transferred to him.


  1. Dispute resolution procedure


  1. Force majeure

Herewith, the due date of this Agreement shall be postponed in proportion to the period of time during which such circumstances and their consequences have been in force.


  1. Agreement duration


  1. Procedure for the introduction of amendments and additions to this Offer


  1. Other conditions

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